• Menomena

    This great band from Portland, Oregon is taking over the Indie scene right now! Words can’t really describe these guys! We are predicting big big things here at IndieROAR so make sure to check them out!

  • Sleigh Bells

    This American musical duo from Brooklyn, New York consisting of Derek Edward Miller (guitar) and Alexis Krauss (vocals) is absolutely extraordinary! We are really really excited about these guys & you should be too!

    Sleigh Bells
  • Zola Jesus

    This Russian American singer/songwriter is really going places & quickly! Seems like you can’t go anywhere without hearing about her! She is absolutely the talk of the town! All eyes on Zola right now so LOOK OUT WORLD!

    Zola Jesus
  • Los Campesinos

    This seven piece indie pop band from Cardiff, Wales has been getting a lot of attention lately& for very good reason! From the industries top execs, to those of the underground, everyone we talk too confirms, these guys are HOT, HOT, HOT!

    Los Campesinos

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Desert Noises – What The World Made – 27 Ways

Desert Noises are a four member band from Provo Utah formed in 2009 The bandmembers are Kyle Henderson, Tyler Osmond, Pat Boyer And Brennan Allen they have three CDs under their belt the latest 27 way...

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The Men – Settle Me Down -Tomorrows Hits

The Men I five-member group from Brooklyn New York they formed the band in 2008 The members are Mark Perro, Nick Chieicozzi, Rich Sammis, Ben Greenberg and Kevin Faulkner May have five CDs under their...

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Temples – Sun Structures – Sun Structures

Temples is a four member banned from Kettering England they formed in 2012 and have one CD and or their belt son structures The members are James Edward Bagshaw, Thomas Edison Warmsley and Adam Smith ...

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The Chain Gang Of 1974 – “Sleepwalking- Daydream Forever

The Chain Of 1974 is Kamtin Mohager Who formed the band in 2010 he is from San Jose California he has four CDs under his belt he's been getting quite a big following and I myself think he's awesome an...

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