HEALTH – is a four member band from Los Angeles together since 2005 they are a fucking awesome band with new CD coming out August 7, 2015 called death magic  you can catch them at the echo in Los Angeles on July 22, 2015 be sure and come out and make it an awesome evening 






Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Extreme Wealth and Casual Cruelty

Unknown Mortal Orchestra has become one of my favorite bands the new CD as everything for the making of a long lasting long listening and just plain fucking awesome music they are really catching fire in August if you live in Los Angeles or Southern California San Diego Way that we playing August 5 at the Kasbo in San Diego August 6 at the Roxy and August 8 the outlands festival in San Francisco so if you get a chance to see them please do you’ll be happy you did so please take a minute  and take a listen 


The October Solution – Traffic Tonight

From The musical brilliant minds of Drew Sullivan and Jared manual (City of satellites)  they have given us a mesmerizing and dreamlike state of mind CD that allows our minds to travel to places we could only go through music I hope you like this one is much as I do please enjoy.  The new CD is called axis swim scar