Dirty Ghosts – “Ropes That Way”

DIRTY GHOSTS – consists of a trio of Allyson Baker, Erin McDermott & Tony Sevener and come from San Francisco California hey are fucking awesome band and playing at the echo in Los Angeles Echo Park tonight July 26, 2015 promoting their new EP which was released July 24, 2015 called Cataract if you haven’t seen them this is a must show to see hope to see you there 


A Place To Bury Strangers – Now It’s Over

A PLACE TO BURY STANGERS (APTBS)and one of the best bands on the indie scene today they are a fucking awesome band and are on tour now they will be touring the western United States beginning August 19 and 20th at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles and and ending up in Brooklyn then the rest of October through November in Europe and it was hard to pick one song from the new CD “Transfixation” because they are all excellent so I picked one of my favorites and you Should catch them when they come to your city 


SWIMM – Beverly Hells (Buzzsession)

SWIMM – is a duo band consisting of Chris Hess and Adam Winn as far as I can see they have been around since around 2013 and they have an EP and out from 2013 looks like they’re getting ready for an album.  here I’m going to play a single that that they released February 2015 they are an awesome band and are playing at The Echo tonight for free that’s July 20, 2015 the echo in Echo Park Los Angeles and if you love good music be sure and come out 


Hallelujah The Hills – “I Stand Corrected”

HALLELUJAH THE HILLS – is a five-member band originating from Boston Massachusetts and I’ve been together since 2005 another one of my favorite bands that has been working hard to increase their fan base they are an awesome band and in my opinion underrated at the moment but I see them becoming a stable band in the indie scene and they deserve it please take a listen to “I stand corrected” from their latest CD titled “Have you ever done something…) 


Zenith Myth – Zenith Myth

ZENITH MYTH – from Los Angeles California is one of my favorite bands The music is fucking awesome in my opinion they’re the most underrated bands around today and hopefully with a little promotion they will get the following that they deserve I just read today that they are coming out with a new CD on August 21 called Eclipsed-V and I can’t wait for the CD to drop I know it’s going to be brilliant.  The videos you are about to hear it is from a couple of years ago but it is still fucking great 


Creepoid – “Shaking”

CREEPOID – is a four member band from Philadelphia and I’ve been together since 2010.  They are an awesome band with a great sound and they onto her and for you people who live in Los Angeles I’ll be playing Los Globos on Sunset Boulevard in Silverlake on August 13, 2015 be sure and get out there and see them it will be worth your while