Plants And Animals – Control Me

Plants and Animals – this band consists of four guys from Canada and are simply awesome they playing at space land in Los Angeles and blew the crowd away they are excellent musicians and the material is also fucking awesome this song Control me will control you you won’t be able to get enough of it 


City of Satellites – “BMX”

City of Satellites –  here we have three guys from three continents and just like most of the music that I post it’s got a lot of variety and it is simply beautiful music lose yourself for a minute and listen to City of Satellites take a listen 


Placebo – Hold On To Me

Placebo – One of the best bands in the last 20 years and I think they’re long Jevity proves everything they do is perfect I’m a little prejudiced but they can do no wrong I love everything they do if you haven’t heard him please take a listen